Artist / Owner

Larry Allen

Larry works with an attention to detail you’ve got to see to believe. From the simplest ink to the most complex & ambitious pieces, we promise you’ll walk away happy.


Tattoo Artist 

Taylor Jordan

Looking to explore the Neo traditional style, Taylor enjoys lots of bright colors and bold-lined designs! 


Guest Tattoo Artist

Dre Naylor

Those who do not seek magic will never find it.  Discover it now...


Guest Tattoo Artist

Evan Naylor

Phenomenal, well-rounded artist with year's of experience helping his clients to achieve the best designs

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NH Tattoo is the most unique tattoo studio in New Hampshire. The atmosphere was designed to be comfortable & relaxing, yet intriguing. Since there are no limits with tattoo possibilities, our studio was created in that same manner. We don't look like any studio you may have entered before, and your next piece of body art will be just as unique!



Taking care of your new art is just as important as the tattoo process itself.  For specifics on what to do, when to do it and why each step is important, Read On...  

We are literally on the town line between Nashua & Merrimack. 

Technically, we are in Merrimack at 707 Milford Rd, Merrimack, NH, but all access points leading to our studio come through Nashua, which is why we say we're in Nashua almost all the time. 

From north or south, take Route 3 & get off exit 7W

From east or west, take 101A (Amherst St)

We are part of a shopping plaza called Pennichuck Square

                       ***Click HERE for GPS directions***